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Inspired by Taino Petroglyphs and beliefs, specifically the story of Atabey. This one differs from the original petroglyph in that it also has 2 additional "ancestors" in it, which represent her twin children.

Custom Painting and tattoo for a friend.

This is by far the design people "steal" the most on this site. It is a copyrighted design (look on the lower left of each page on this website) and CANNOT BE USED WITHOUT EXPRESSED WRITTEN CONSENT OF RAFAEL VELEZ, JR.

If you want to use it, quite simply ask instead of screenshotting.
If you want to buy a print, that can be arranged.
If you want it as a tattoo, kindly ask your tattooer to change it a bit so you get a more original tattoo, or better yet, send me a message and schedule a consultation with me for a tattoo ;)

Thank you!

Taino Symbols or Petroglyphs
"Atabey, para ti" (SOLD)
9 x 12 inches